CQWS Contest 2018 (English version)

In April, 14th and 15th, the 16th CQWS-HF

There is coming another important Radio Scouting activity in Brazil and around the world.
It will be on the 2nd full weekend of April and we hope to have everyone there.

The rules are very easy and simple. By clicking here, you check the rules in English.

We ask you for publishing this regulation, which can also be checked in other languages: Portuguese and Spanish.

Prepare your stations, antennas and everything else. Only with good stations will we be able to make good contacts. We need to prepare before the contest so we can “talk a lot”.

Special thanks to our main collaborators this year: PY1LOF Virgilio, PY2OP Samir, PU7MCV Marcos Clayton, PT2OM Marcelo, PP2BT Julio, PY4MRP Mario, PU2ENG Luiz and a few others.


Especially for this year 2018, the organizing station will be PW1CQ, under the command of our coordinator of the CQWS-HF PY1LOF Virgilio.

Come on! Let’s get ready !!!!

16th CQWS-HF – April 14 and 15, 2018